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Pisces Iscariot Box Set Audio High Fidelity Download + 6 Bonus Tracks


Pisces Iscariot Deluxe Audio Hi Fidelity Digital + 6 Bonus Tracks > Includes Original Album Remastered+ 17 Previously Unreleased or Alternate Versions of Pisces Era Songs. 24-bit/44.1KHz files.

This offer contains:

-Nothing And Everything (Cassette Demo)
-Jennifer Ever (Cassette Demo)
-East (Cassette Demo)
-She (Cassette Demo)
-Sun (Cassette Demo)
-Spiteface (Cassette Demo)
-Soothe (demo)
-Frail & Bedazzled
-Blew Away
-Hello Kitty Kat
-A Girl Named Sandoz
-La Dolly Vita
-Bye June (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
-My Dahlia (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
-Jesus Loves His Babies (Gish Sessions Rough Mix)
-Cinnamon Girl (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
-Glynis (2012 Mix)
-Crawl (Gish Sessions outtake)
-Cinder Open (Eddy St. demo/2012 Mix)
-Blissed (Sadlands demo/2012 Mix)
-Slunk (Live) (2012 - Remaster)
-Jackie Blue
-Venus in Furs (Live)
-Translucent (Sadlands demo/2012 mix)
-French Movie Theme (Siamese Sessions outtake)
-Purr Snickety (Gish b-sides session outtake)
-There It Goes (Demo/2012 Mix)
-Vanilla (Ignoffo Sessions)
-Why Am I So Tired (Live in studio demo)
-Pisces Iscariot Deluxe Booklet

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-Source Audio

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Pisces Iscariot Box Set Audio Digital Download + 6 Bonus Tracks